Thursday, October 21, 2010


So, I just realized that yesterday's post was my 400th post. Yea, me and my chatty ways.

Since I failed to note this in yesterday's post, and since I so disappointed everyone by not posting pictures of Mary Clare's Wacky Wednesday attire (it was one of those mornings and evenings), please allow me to present this picture of Mary Clare as a peace offering.

Oh, my friends, but this is just not any picture of Mary Clare. It is, in fact, a picture of Mary Clare pooping. That's right. This is what she looks like when she's doing the business.

Work it out, baby. Work it out.
Yes, Mary Clare brought Sunday's big photo shoot to an abrupt halt when she dropped the deuce mid-session. We were taking pictures on the porch of our neighbor's ridiculously cute garden shed, when all of a sudden Mary Clare wandered over to the wood pile and grabbed the metal rack.

"Oh," I thought. "This will be so cute."

And just as soon as I clicked the camera for a test shot, she gripped the metal rack with all her might and let out a mighty grunt.

I put down my camera just in time for her to point at her bum and say in that matter-of-fact way I love so much, "poo poo."

And that was the end of the photo shoot.

And this, my friends, is my first post about poop. It's taken me 400 posts to get here, but I finally did it. Yea, me. Again.

Here's hoping you have a regular day as well. Minus the gripping and grunting, of course.


  1. Haha, interesting 400th (or so) post.

  2. This should have been your #2 post. Congrats on 400! That's a lot of stuff!

    MC's really going to appreciate this one in 15 years.


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