Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a difference a year makes

Lately, every time I look at Mary Clare, I can't help but wonder where our baby has gone. She just seems so grown up. And tall. She's grown like a weed this summer, and half of those 28 dresses are now downright indecent. She's keeping the talking around 20 words or so, with a reluctantly said "sorry" added just today. She may be short on words, but the girl understands everything. And the mimicking is out of control. Definitely don't do anything you don't want to see her imitate, as it can be rather humbling.

As much as I celebrate each new achievement, it makes me sad to hear people say "she's so grown up!" or to see how much room she now takes up in what was once an enormous crib.

The same goes for Brennan. One day he's all shy and bashful, and the next thing I know he's questioning Aunt Debbie's driving and telling me all about my uncle's farm, what babies say and what you need to give babies to be quiet (bottles, apparently). I love talking to him, but again, I can't help but long for the sweet, chubby baby who would let me pose him every which way during our rapid fire photo sessions.

Lest you all think I'm going bonkers, I have proof that Mary Clare and Brennan are, in fact, growing up. No, really, apparently that's what kids do.

August 2009: Plop them on an ottoman and hope for the best.

September 2010: Trap them in a tree house, block the exits and hope for the best.

Even though I knew this would happen, and I see it happening every single day, it can still be a tad startling when you see photographic evidence. Hence, the photo comparison. So you can be as startled as me. Because heaven knows I love nothing more than a startled reader.

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