Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Manipulation monster

I am a total sucker for crocodile tears.

Mary Clare is a crazy sippy cup thrower, and it drives me batty. I asked Miss Betty once if she does this at school, and I got a very emphatic, "She most certainly does not!" to which I unconvincingly responded, "Oh, yeah. Not at our house, either."

So, after yet another meal where she pitched her sippy cup several times, I finally made good on my threat and took away her sippy cup. Crying ensued. And not just any crying, but the kind with big fat crocodile tears rolling down a face that screams of betrayal. The second I saw those big fat crocodile tears, I asked, "Do you want a cookie?"

Boom. The crying stopped, but the crocodile tears remained.

Curses. Fooled again by the toddler.

crocodile tears = cookie time

Just so you know, we're not okay. But the cookie is a good start.

Who knew toddlers could gloat?

While my attempts at discipline may be pathetic, what's really worrisome is that I'm the tough half of this parenting duo.

So. Screwed.


  1. Who knew kids responded to positive reinforcement? I too am a big fan of the "whatever it takes to get them to stop crying" school of child-rearing. MC will likely tear up every time she passes a Mrs. Field's well into her 30s.

  2. Looks like she got a cookie and also got her sippy cup back. Sucker!


  3. I can't stand tears, crocodile or otherwise. I cave as soon as the first drop of moisture forms.

  4. Repeat as needed: "This is just a phase." Sophie went through it too. Annoying.


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