Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let it be known, I shall no longer suffer silently

You can blame it on the lady at Walter Knoll.

Two weeks ago I was placing an order at Walter Knoll Florist, and the woman helping me was just downright rude. You see, there was some confusion because I thought she was there to help me, but no, she made it quite clear that was not the case when she stepped back from the computer, crossed her arms and said, "I'm just here to take your order."

Wow. Thanks for clearing that up, lady.

I was so flustered, I ordered way more than I needed, completed my transaction and then fumed the whole way home. Once home, I toyed with calling to cancel my order, but I was running short on time and frankly didn't have the fight in me.

But that was two weeks ago.

And now I have the fight back. So you better believe when I received shoddy customer service at another St. Louis store, I didn't take it sitting down. Oh, sure, I silently completed my transaction and fumed the whole way home, but once I got home, I let my fingers do the talking. I fired off a short little email and went about my business. An hour or so later, I received a very prompt and courteous response from the store manager, and I must say, she did a masterful job of clearly addressing the issue, as well as apologizing without making any excuses. I was impressed enough that I don't really want to dog the business here. But not quite impressed enough that I want to march back anytime soon.

My father-in-law, however, was incredibly impressed when Chip forwarded him the email exchange. When George is wronged, he's more the type to tap on the counter and have an airing of the grievances right then and there, but I still think he was impressed. And he says he doesn't like my sass. Pashaw.


  1. Hi This is Walter Knoll, I am sorry for your experience, It is of course not our intent, Would you provide some details as to which store and what time, We have video at all the stores and I will pull the tape and review it. We strive to have the customer experience be great, we have the store test shopped and ask customers to fill out surveys.
    -Walter Knoll III

  2. You go girl! I'm so tired of crappy customer service. I'm glad someone is standing up to rude people. It's too bad I didn't enlist your help in dealing with our contractor. My tongue lashings didn't phase him so I'm taking a more mature route...flat out ignoring him.

  3. um, that's a fake Walter Knoll comment, right? because if there are really tapes, I would love to view them. As there is no real snark or sarcasm in the comment, I fear it might be real. Could this have shown up on a google alert or something? I have been lovingly named "customer service nightmare" by my husband and will follow you into battle in any of your consumer wars, Debbie!

  4. I'm dying to know if that is the real Walter Knoll too! I've been known to write a stern letter - you might have heard. But on the other hand, I'm a complete apologist too!

  5. This is Walter Knoll, And I did view the tapes, and if you want you are welcome to come in an visit, This was an wholesale sale made from our wholesale company Harold's Wholesale. That is bulk flowers at very low price, We offer additional services such a design table rental and professional designers, The flowers are sold with no service. While a very much regret what happened they were not flowers bought at a Walter Knoll Florist Retail store. This is a service that we offer to allow high quality flowers to be sold in a discount atmosphere such as Sam's Club. I feel your comments of asking the wholesale sales clerk design questions, they are a clerk and not a designer,


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