Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bomb pop

The other night, Sherri sent me this picture with the caption: Enjoying a pre-dinner popsicle. And the boots are back for fall. 

Of course I loved to see that B still likes the fireman boots he received for his birthday last year. And that they still fit. And, of course, I was entertained by the pre-dinner popsicle bit. Of course they're having popsicles before dinner. This is Sherri's house. 

Fast forward to last night, when Sherri calls to mock me for caving into Mary Clare's demands.

S: Geesh, Debbie. A cookie and you gave her milk back? Just because she cried?
D: Really, Sherri? Miss Pre-Dinner Popsicles is lecturing me about nutrition and child rearing? 

You can imagine the response.

S: Tsk. Popsicles are just frozen water. And the baby really likes banana popsicles, so I usually have a popsicle when Brennan does.

D: Of course you do.

Brennan, as you can see, prefers the power of the bomb pop. Although Sherri says he has enjoyed a banana popsicle or two. Pre-dinner, of course.


  1. I'm with Sherri on this one. Popsicles really are only frozen fruit juice. At least that's what I have to tell myself every night because Xavier also has to have a pre-dinner popsicle. Maybe it's a boy thing??

  2. So I have to ask Sherri, is there a post-dinner popsicle? Is this a palate cleansing effort, like sorbet on a stick?

  3. Ahh...I had not considered putting that spin on things Kaly. Excellant idea! Honestly the popsicles are just a stall tactic b/c I need to rest awhile before I can work up the energy for dinner. Plus I am LOVING bananna popsicles right now. Who knew you could buy whole boxes of just the bananna flavor?


  4. Cori! Kaly! Stop encouraging her! Are we all forgetting that this is a girl with an addiction to Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets (aka Brennan's breakfast)? She probably already has Brennan counting down the days until Valentine's day candy hits the floors so she can get her beloved message hearts.

  5. Excuse me, but Brennan has a perfectly healthy Eggo Waffle almost every morning. Most of the time minus the syrup even since he is eating it in the car as we drive him to daycare...where he then has a second breakfast.

    Back off cookie push over.

  6. I love the image of Sherri lounging on the couch with a banana popsicle in hand and an eye mask on, waving Brennan away so mommy can rest. Very Dynasty. As far as I can tell, Brennan has at least 5 meals a day (first breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner, and dinner). He's a growing boy!

  7. All I could think when I heard about the boots was, "These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do..."


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