Sunday, September 19, 2010

Avast, me hearties!

Ahoy, mates! It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Wrap a bandanna around your head, slap on ye ole eye patch and get ready to whoop it up like a true scalawag. 

Team B is once again celebrating TLAPD in high style (because nothing says I'm a pirate like a wine glass* with Captain Cannonball on the stem), so you know if we're doing it, it has to be cool.

Now go get hopped up on the grog and throw out a bunch of Arrs! and Avasts! and let out your inner pirate. And since it's Sunday, feel free to swap the "amens" out for some "arrrs!" Jesus will understand. He had a beard, too, after all.

*Wine glasses compliments of the Hehmeyers, the saltiest band of pirates you ever did see. 

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  1. Okay, hilarious wine glasses. I can't believe you have those. No, wait, I can.



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