Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And so he waits

Brennan is ready to be a big brother. He's pretty sure he can handle the responsibility. He rocks his stuffed animals and reads them stories. He prays for the baby. He talks about the baby. A lot.

What he can't handle is the waiting. Nine months is a really, really long time when you're not even three years old. Case in point, the conversation that took place between Brennan and Sherri while they were working on the nursery.

B: Mom, when will the baby be here?
S: Pretty soon.
B: When I get up from my nap?

So, not quite that soon, but we are getting close to meeting Baby Jones. Only four more weeks to go, and that's if Sherri doesn't con her doctor into moving things along. Considering that they have zero boy or girl names, she might be better off going past her due date, or the baby might just be named Blue after all.

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