Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When working outside the home really stinks

So, as I mentioned yesterday, Mary Clare isn't feeling the greatest. We took her to the doctor yesterday, and Dr. O'Neil gave her a clean bill of health, but suggested that we keep an eye on her and call if she's not back to her normal spunky self by Wednesday.

Nothing we haven't heard before, trust me. In fact, in the past 20 or so months, I have come to say "she's just not herself" and hear "keep an eye on her" far more than I would like. Not because Mary Clare isn't healthy; in fact, she skated through her first year with remarkably few colds or illnesses. No, it's because, as those of you with children know all too well, doctors more often than not can't give you a definite answer on exactly what is wrong with those little buggers. So there is a lot of guessing, a lot of waiting and a whole lot of guilt.

As I recounted our doctor visit to my mom last night, she asked if I was going to stay home with Mary Clare today. And I responded with, "I would, but I'm just so busy at work right now. And Dr. O'Neil said it's okay for her to go to school." And then I immediately wanted to punch myself in the face. And then cry out of sheer disgust for myself.

Honestly. What is wrong with me? Mary Clare was fine this morning, but still, I'm pretty sure a little TLC would have been alright by Miss MC.

Ugh. Parenthood. Employment. Not sure I would trade either one (and certainly not the former, because well, that's a done deal), but like I said so eloquently, ugh. So annoying.

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  1. She'll be fine-there will be a LOT of people looking after her when she goes to school. You have to work, it happens.


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