Monday, August 23, 2010

Reason #214 why Chip might someday leave me

We are in party planning mode here at TB, which means that there are a lot of categorized lists, most of which consist of tasks I deem necessary and Chip deems insane. Basically, every time we have a party, Chip dies a little inside.

Last night I asked him to bring up a table and set it up, only to tell him 10 minutes later that it wouldn't work. So down it went, and up came the one that was originally there.
Tonight wasn't much better. We hung wreaths. And hung wreaths. And hung them again. This was following a full day of jury duty for Chip. That's right. I show no mercy.

After the past three days he's had, I am pretty sure the promise of leftover cupcakes isn't going to appease the man. I may have to make his dream of breakfast for dinner a reality. Or bake up a batch of tater tots. Ever since I told him that a friend regularly makes shake-and-bake chicken and tater tots for her sons who are picky eaters, he can't stop talking about tater tots.

See you soon, Ore-Ida.

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