Sunday, August 22, 2010

Or else it gets the hose

This afternoon I had to take care of some things that involved a hot stove, an oven and careful timing. Things such as these are best done without a toddler, so I popped Mary Clare in her swim suit, sprayed on some sunscreen and sent her outside to hang out with Chip while he finished the yard work.

At one point, I saw Mary Clare standing on the deck while Chip tidied up some items on the patio. This may seem normal to you, but Chip doesn't usually let five feet get between him and Mary Clare, much less five feet in elevation. So I stuck my head out the door to make sure he remembered Buddy was inside with me, making him the sole caregiver.

Me: How's it going?
Chip: Pretty good. If she goes somewhere she's not supposed to, I just shoot her with the hose. You know, like a cat.
Me: Awesome. Keep up the good work.

And back inside I went.

I mean, she was smiling. She was soaking wet, but she was smiling.


  1. She needs to be trained. Whatever works, right? :)

  2. I use a spray bottle on Rick. It's effective. The hose is a nice outdoors alternative. Thanks for the tip!

  3. That is super cute and funny. Love the creative parenting technique, as well as MC's ability to go with the flow (no pun intended).


  4. You two rock!


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