Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Mr. has his MBA

Last night marked Chip's very last class in the SLU MBA program. He participated in the May commencement (pictures here), but had two six-week required electives to complete this summer.

Wednesday night was his very last final ever. And I stress ever because I want to nip those PhD jokes in the bud.

For the analytical among you, Chip's stint in SLU's MBA program looked something like this:

months: 27
classes: 15

credit hours: 45
group projects: 17
times designated to be the speaker for group projects: 17
peanut butter cracker dinners: 32
new babies: 1
papers: 46
times the wife griped about getting out of bed to edit a paper: 16
As: 12
Bs: 3
parking tickets: 4
money "earned" on selling back company-bought books: $325.63
bottles of Maker's Mark: 5
number of public libraries visited on a monthly basis: 3

In case you can't tell, I am just a little proud. And excited. Proud of Chip for handily managing work, school and first-time fatherhood, as well as household and husband duties. Excited that we'll have him back full time on the evenings and weekends.

You did it. Loves you, I do.


  1. Great post, Deb. Congratulations to Chip -- what an accomplishment!

  2. Congrats Chip - glad it was you and not me! Plus now we have 2 SLU grads in the family, I think MC would make a fine little SLU student in 17 years (start saving now).


  3. This is GREAT news for all Team Botanical members! Congratulations, Chip!



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