Monday, August 16, 2010

The good with the bad

So, the weekend. It had its moments, but overall I would give it a B+. Since I am a lame blogger right now, you'll get it in list form.

  • Bad: Mary Clare wasn't feeling up to snuff, so we had to cancel our evening plans.
  • Good: Adaptable Uncle Andy came over and regaled us with stories. And didn't complain when Chip nodded off during the Cardinals' game.
  • Bad: The power in our house and eight others on our bloc, as well as eight on the block behind us, went out at 10 p.m.
  • Good-ish: The electricity came back on. But it took six hours. Six hours! For one transformer. Nice, Ameren. Nice.
  • Bad: Mom Thole broke her arm.
  • Good: No surgery required, and she should be in a sling in three weeks and completely healed in six weeks, just in time to gear up for Baby Jones' arrival.
  • Bad: Lots of errand running and cooking = bored baby
  • Good: Completed errands and meals = happy mom
  • Bad: Mary Clare likes Metallica. As in she shook it and shimmied for all she was worth for a good two minutes of "Master of Puppets." Clearly, Wilco isn't going to cut it any longer for this girl.
  • Good: We learned of Mary Clare's penchant for heavy metal during a very fun (and delicious) dinner party at the Flemings. (Just don't ask don't how Bob came to play "Master of Puppets,"as it's still a sore subject with Anne.)
  • All Good: We spent the day in Highland to help my parents out with some of the things at the house since my mom is somewhat incapacitated for the moment. We cleaned, ironed, prepared produce for the freezer and cooked countless batches of eggplant parmigiana. It was a busy day, but we all had a good time. Even mom. Except for that time when I told her to stop helping because her one-armed attempts at helping were the equivalent of when Mary Clare "helps."
And there you have it, folks. The good and the bad. No ugly. At least not on the weekend, at least. I save the ugly for the name calling I do at work. No lie, I was on a real roll today. I'm not proud. But I do have to keep myself entertained.

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