Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blog about cleaning and they will come

Of course I'm delighted that the July jumble post received so may comments. (For those of you keeping track of comments at home, six is many 'round these parts.)

I like to think that this flurry of comments (again, six is a flurry, people) is due to my talk about the magical Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber. Which means, of course, that you want me to blog more about cleaning. Right? Right?

I mean, anyone who knows me knows that is the blog of my dreams. One where I can talk about my favorite cleaning products. Pre-treating laundry stains. Sock folding methods. Vacuums.

Oh, and maybe organization. Color coding closets. Sorting kitchen gadgets. Alphabetizing spices. The best kind of Rubbermaid containers. (Clear. With snaps.)

Oh, man. I could go on.

That's it. I'm starting on a Fels-Naptha fan post right now. You have been warned.

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