Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About a moon pie

I just had my first encounter with a moon pie. It went down like this.

Shortly after lunch, someone sent out an email stating that a supplier left a box of moon pies in the oh-so-cleverly-named food cube.
I immediately delete the email.

But then a few hours pass, and my bowl of strawberries are but a distant memory.

Moon pie? Well, I've never had one. And if it's here and free, I can just try it and toss it if I don't like it.

So off to the food cube I go. I pluck one from the box, hiding it under a sheaf of papers as I make my way back to my desk. You see, I have no problem eating free food. I just don't want people to know I eat free food. Especially random things like moon pies.

Back at my desk and deluding myself that no one can hear the crackle of cellophane emanating from my cube, I open the moon pie and take a bite. Yuck. A coated cake of some sort with marshmallow filling. Not my thing at all. I set it aside.

I set it aside.


Of course you know how the story ends. I ate the whole damn thing. I didn't even like it, I just ate it.

Seriously, what the hell?

And you just know it's going to give me heartburn. Honestly.


  1. They are usually too dry for my taste. But if you have one with a glass of milk then you are doing well.

  2. The only thing more upsetting about eating a free moon pie is PAYING FOR ONE. I had a serious moon pie addiction circa 1999. They were in the Delta vending machine and I would have one a day for a "snack". I think the nutrition info said they were 250 calories. After plowing through a minimum of one a day for about 6 months, I noticed I was opting for elastic waistband pants and sweatshirts (relaxed dress code over at Delta at the time), so I took another look at the info on my beloved MP. Turns out, it's 250/serving and there are 2 SERVINGS. That's right, what was already a pretty hefty snack was now a full blown extra meal!!!! I quit cold turkey that day (and moved on to Zero bars, which met an equally disturbing end). Thank god I was in my early 20s when all this was happening or my extra 10 pounds would be doubled.

    Is there no character limit for comments?

  3. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up and saving me from the same experience. (I saw that one lonely moon pie beckoning to passersby this morning.)



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