Friday, July 23, 2010

You're my boy, Blue

Brennan is pretty sharp. He knows his ABCs, numbers, colors and such. But sometimes he doesn't feel like sharing his knowledge. And it is at those times that conversations with him go something like this:

"How many cars do you have?"
"Um ... blue."

"What are you eating?"
"Um ... blue."

"What shape is this?"
"Um ... blue."

And now that Baby Jones is on the way, people have taken to asking him what the baby's name will be. You guessed it, Sherri's having Baby Blue. Keep in mind that Brennan is convinced the baby is a "goirl" and it is even more entertaining.

But he topped himself last night:

"Mom, the baby's name is Baby Daddy."

As Sherri said, Baby Blue is sounding better and better.

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  1. LoL Basically he's just going around with blue as everything answer? Kid's a genius.


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