Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pure Michigan

Once upon a time, about two weeks ago, we spent two glorious days on Lake Michigan with our friends the Flemings at their adorable cottage. It all came up spur of the moment, after Anne threw out one of those offhand "you know that you're welcome to join us ..." invitations that nice people make but don't really intend for you to accept. Well, for the record, we are just the sort of people who will in fact accept these types of invitations. And luckily, the Flemings are just the sort of people who cannot quickly craft plausible lies.

You see, when it comes to getaways, particularly Lake Michigan getaways, we are shameless. Just ask our friends the Lydons. Every fall we still beg them to kick Chris' parents out of their own home so we can take it over for a long, blissful weekend of golf, shopping, wine drinking and the like. Like I said, shameless.

But back to this particular episode of our leech-like behavior.

We headed up to the Saugatuck area after leaving the Lindh family reunion in Chicago, and spent the next two days sunning on the beach, playing in the sand, swimming in a lake that was the perfect temperature and watching beautiful sunsets (click here for the photo set).

And not only did we love our quality time with the Flemings, but we wholly benefited from the fact that Clare and Mary Clare are at the ages where they are simply enamored with one another. Like I said, it was glorious. And I haven't even mentioned all the tasty food we ate and all the libations I consumed*.

My hope is that sometime in the near future, we can do a rental of our own and let the Flemings spend a few days with us. Because after going on a champagne cocktail-fueled search for a sweater that somehow slipped behind the toilet** and then rousing the whole Fleming family at 7 a.m. so we could depart by 8 a.m., I'm not sure there will be any offhand invitations next year. In fact, I'm certain that if anything, this little experience inspired Anne and Bob*** to hone their lying skills.

*Cold beer on a beach? Good. Champagne cocktails with muddled mint and fresh fruit? Really good.
**Not because I was puking, but because I placed it and the rest of my clean clothes atop the lid while I showered and it slid off. It was very complicated. Clearly.
***Thanks again, guys. It was really so very much fun. You're the best.


  1. Hehe, love the pictures! Glad you had fun. :)

  2. great pictures of MC. And how did claire get so grown up?


  3. Beautiful pictures! I'm a fellow Michigander and it's definitely Pure Michigan. :)


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