Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July jumble

July is winding down, good people, so you know what that means. You get to read every post I started this month that never really made it to full-blown post status. So settle in and get ready to topic hop.

It All Starts with the Bald Guy
In case your husband insists on using only the manliest, heartiest bar soaps around, and you are like me and don't have a cleaning lady, then you are going to want to try out the handy dandy Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber. It goes right ahead and wipes that soap scum out of your way.

In my 25 years of cleaning, I have never felt so accomplished as I did the day I made both of our bathtubs look like brand new. Thank you, Mr. Clean. For once you made working up a sweat whilst cleaning the bathtub worthwhile.

Which Brings Me to Cleaning Ladies
So, seriously. When did everyone get smart and get someone else to clean their house? Am I the only one who is still a big enough sucker to do the dusting and vacuuming every week? Good old Uncle Andy has a cleaning lady, for Pete's sake, and the last time I checked, he doesn't live with a 70 lb. shedding dog named Buddy or a 24 lb. food-throwing toddler named Mary Clare. But than can all be arranged. Just say the word, ASC.

Which Makes Me Want to Drink
I get that rosé is most certainly not white zinfandel, and it's great for pairing with summer barbecue items and such, but I'm sorry, I just can't help but feel like I'm drinking church wine whenever I have a glass. Maybe it's the color, maybe it's the 12 years of Catholic education, maybe we're just not buying good stuff. Who knows. But it will take more than an image of boxed wine stacked in the back of St. Paul Catholic Church to keep me from finding the perfect bottle of rosé, I'll tell you that much.

Which Makes Me Want to Sing
Chip's new work car has Sirius, which came in quite handy on our recent road trips. In addition to not having to deal with the disappointment of a dead iPod battery or the annoyance of commercials, it introduced us to a lot of new musicians. Please note that "new" is a relative term here, since the only interaction I have with my Rolling Stone subscription is to pass the untouched issues onto our friend Bob, thereby making any music that's not already in our iTunes library new to me.

So if you're behind like I am, check out Broken Bells. Danger Mouse + The Shins' James Mercer is the perfect blend of perky beats and moody vocals. I just need to get Chip to the point where he'll listen to more than just "The High Road," because, you know, there is more than one song on the CD, dude.

And I know I'm way behind on this one -- like years behind -- but I'm totally digging Modest Mouse as well. Even Mary Clare gives "Float On" two knee bends and a spin.

Which is How We Dance
Mary Clare is a wicked good dancer. I mean, she totally does the herky-jerky as she shakes it all about, but I admire her moxie nonetheless. And I do my best to encourage this uninhibited behavior. One, it is darned entertaining and two, I so do not want Mary Clare to end up like me, feeling all nervous and such when I'm on a dance floor. No, I want her to be like my friend Sue, flinging her limbs about with reckless abandon as she shakes her tambourine for all she's worth. So, if it's the witching hour and we're in need of a distraction while dinner is finishing, you better believe that Mary Clare is getting down with her bad self.

Which Begs the Question

This randomness is fun, no? Wine, Mr. Clean, Modest Mouse, toddler dance parties ... we're just living the life over here.


  1. I don't know what I love more; Sirius or my cleaning lady. Both have made my life so worthwhile. Anyway Deb, make sure you check out XMU often.

  2. Haha, I agree with the Mr. Clean.

  3. Thank you for Mr. Clean - while we do have somebody come once a month to clean, it would be disgusting to go that long without doing a little myself, right, or can I? PS - I stole your background - immitation = flattery. I added it to Ryan's thinking 'this is cute' and now I know why I thought it was cute, I had seen it before...

  4. oh I would so love to give MC dance lessons to Michael Jackson. Give me an hour with her and I'll have her moonwalking like no other!

  5. My clean tub has been the highlight of the week.

  6. Your random thoughts are very entertaining. Appeals to my short attention span.



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