Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm melting

Well, now the air conditioner is broken. Because that's how we do.

As the madam of the house, I feel it's my duty to notify the remaining working features of the house that if your current role requires you to make our home happily hum along and you happen to cost four figures and up, it's time for you to break. But only if you take longer than three days to fix. Because if it's an easy fix, we're not interested. We only like complicated solutions that require jackhammers, pouring concrete and cutting holes into the ceiling.

On a positive note, the new outdoor air conditioning unit is in the process of being installed. But they need a part. Of course they need a part. They always need a part.

Fingers crossed that this gets fixed, otherwise you know where we'll be tonight, Mom Thole.


  1. Oh SURE. The OUTSIDE air conditioning is almost up and running, but the inside is broken. Talk about irony.

  2. It never seems to fail that the big things happen at the most in opportune times. This too shall pass, we hope.


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