Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fashion faux pas

Yesterday I emailed Sherri and asked her to upload her photos from our Thole family weekend to my Flickr account. A short while later I received a call from dear sister who reminded me that if I chose to blog about our weekend, then everyone would know that I dressed my daughter in the same outfit for three photo-worthy events in a two-week time span. Everyone.

Lake Michigan

St. Louis Zoo

Silver Dollar City

Alas, 'tis true. But what's even worse is that she's worn it five times in the past three weeks. Five times.

Not that I think people care if I repeatedly dress Mary Clare in the same outfit*, but there is a method to the madness. One, I bought it right before our Chicago/Lake Michigan trip, so it had to be worn because hey, everyone loves new clothes. Two, she had to wear it to the zoo because duh, it's giraffe print. Three, I bought it late in the season, so you better believe I'm going to get my $3.99 worth of wearings. Four, it's been hotter than Hades lately, and on those days Chip gets a little fussy if Mary Clare breaks a sweat during the dressing phase. Five, it's comfortable, and even I can make concessions** from time to time.

So there you have it. This is the reason the giraffe-print jumper is all over the July photo set.

*Except maybe my mom, who after sewing Mary Clare several outfits has somewhat of a vested interest in what the kid wears.
**Chip, please note that concessions will not be made in the great brown vs. black flip-flop debate of 2010. I know the brown leather ones hurt and the black ones are more comfortable, but they don't match any of your clothes. So stop asking.


  1. Haha, and here I was wearing the same outfit every week.

    She does look adorable in that though. :)

  2. I only have one pair of flip flops. I guess I am jealous of Chip now?

  3. Hilarious. It's such a cute outfit, and she looks adorable in it -- it needs to be worn!

  4. Shame, shame, bad mommy. Letting a child wear the same outfit three times in three weeks. What happens when she gets old enough to want to wear the same outfit every day? If the child is happy and you are happy, who else matters.


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