Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alarmed by the animals

This is a smidge delayed, but a few weeks ago we took Mary Clare to the St. Louis Zoo bright and early one Sunday morning. It was her second visit, if you count our Boo at the Zoo experience this past fall, and all I can say is that the poor thing probably associates the zoo with being hot. If she's not sweating in a teddy bear costume, she's sweating in an umbrella stroller. And when she's not hot, she's concerned.

Concerned about the giant gorilla sculpture we wanted her to sit atop. Concerned about the penguins that I thought she might like to look at through a pane of glass. Concerned about the sleeping hippos behind yet another pane of glass. Concerned about the giant elephants lumbering yards away. Needless to say, we took a pass on the Children's Zoo, the Stingrays at Caribbean Cove and the Conservation Carousel because we certainly didn't need tears to go with that furrowed brow.

The one thing Mary Clare did delight in doing was saying "bye bye" to the animals as we left each exhibit. Little did she know that we were leading her to yet another animal that would surely trouble her pretty little head. Lions and tigers and bears, indeed.

We did redeem ourselves, however, by taking her to the ZOOmagination Station before lunch. Not only was it nice and cool, but the only predator she had to contend with was the kid who tried to box his way into her play house. He'll know better next time.

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  1. LoL! So many zoo memories...so many zoo visits.

    Glad you guys had fun. :)


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