Thursday, June 17, 2010

They had fun

They had fun. Oh, did they have fun.

While the adults unpacked boxes, built fences, cleaned the house, shopped for furniture and cooked up a storm, Brennan kept an eye on things. And Mary Clare kept an eye on Brennan. If he was there, so was she. And if he was going somewhere, you better believe she wasn't going to be left behind.

Same goes for baking cookies with Grandma. This was Mary Clare's first foray into what is usually a Brennan-only activity, but he graciously allowed her to bake cookies with "MY Grandma." She stuck her little finger into every single one, ate the dough and dropped a dish of blue sprinkles on the floor, so there's a strong chance she won't be giving a repeat performance anytime soon. I think both Brennan and Grandma could use the break.

More photos of the baking fun and a few of the Jones' new house to come.

UPDATE 6.24.10: The photos of the new house and the baking bash are posted. Enjoy.

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  1. Haha, not sure what my first baking experience was, but I hope it could have been like that!


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