Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sharing is good

I need to share.

It's nothing inappropriate. Or elaborate. Just a smattering of random things I've been thinking or doing these days. Separately, they would probably be more appropriate for a Facebook or Twitter post (if I Twittered, that is), but frankly, I'm too chicken. I would much rather be judged by my 12 blog readers versus my 222 Facebook friends. Plus there are no character limits here, and we all know I do like my words.

So here you go. This is your punishment for reading my blog. Take that, you dirty dozen.

It's Like Glee in My Car
That Michael Buble song, "Haven't Met You Yet"? It makes me do jazz hands. Especially right around the 3:05 part.
I blame the horns leading into it. Brass makes me giddy.

Anyway, the jazz hands are like a reflex. A really bad reflex that gets me laughed at by teenagers in the car next to me. So that happened. And it's as awesome as you would think.

Better Thyself, Already
Today I used the word cacophony in some copy. I love it. I love that I knew the definition, knew how to spell it and knew that it was the exact word I needed for that particular sentence. That's my job, people. What I don't love is that when it comes to me writing emails and blog posts, or even talking, the words you are most likely to hear are:
  • so
  • anyway
  • totally
  • whatever
  • yeah
  • however
  • hey
And those are just the ones that I can say without making my mom mad. Which brings me to my next point.

Bring out the Life Buoy
When did I get such a potty mouth? Or maybe I should ask, when did I become aware that I have such a potty mouth? Seriously, I drop the F-bomb like it's my job, and more often I do it at work. Because that's appropriate. I say s-h-i-t far more than necessary, and I most certainly do not use damn as a verb. What is wrong with me? I need to get my shit* together fast or who knows what is going to come out of Mary Clare's mouth**. Because there is no way I can blame this one on Chip. (Now, if she points at the bottle of Maker's Mark and says "mo, mo" that's all on him.)

*I hope you'll agree with me that sometimes a curse word just says it best.
**I personally think it's funny when kids curse. Just not my kid.

The A Word
Chip dropped the A word on me yesterday. And I'm not talking about alimony. Well, close, but the still-married version of alimony.


You see, I'm not such a good saver. If it's automatically deducted from my account, I'm golden. And I'm pretty good if I have a goal, like a new car or something. But even then I have to play tricks on myself and "deduct" a car payment from my checkbook every month.

Well, we got the new car in December. But I'm not the one making the car payments. Or continuing to "deduct" the amount from my checkbook. No, no, I'm just spending all willy-nilly, and that Chip guy never says anything about it. He just raises his two-story eyebrows and gives me a weary smile.

No dire circumstances of any sort, but clearly I need to be stopped. Before there are dire circumstances. Or dreams not realized because I have four pairs of white pants. So I think the car payments will now be coming out of my account. And that's good. It was my idea, actually. Anything to avoid the dreaded allowance.

And, Scene
You're free to go. Until next time, my dears.


  1. Thanks, Debbie. I truly enjoyed the Buble break and your other random musings. And the kids cussing - you know how I feel about that.


  2. I personally don't think there's anything embarrassing about jazz hands-I'm no singer, and I sing very loudly to that song, and I know every single word.

  3. I thought maybe it was a little odd following you if I don't know you, but I can't help it, you're hilarious and you made my day!

  4. If you are really concerned about what is coming out of your mouth, you might take a tip from a nurse I worked with. When she got mad she would say, "Rats and Mice" or "Naughty Bad Words." Seemed appropriate.


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