Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reason #268 why my sister is funny without meaning to be

This upcoming weekend Chip is taking off to exotic Neosho, Mo., for a golf weekend with his Pike buddies. Since Buddy, Mary Clare and I don't take kindly to being deserted, we're heading to KC with my parents to visit the Joneses.

I'm very excited about our trip. One, I cannot wait to see the Jones' new house and stroll about their lush acreage. Two, I miss Brennan, who is talking a blue streak and recently started putting his rubber ducks in time out for fighting during bath time. Third, tagging along with my parents means I don't have to single parent it this weekend, which, let's be honest, is the whole reason I'm going in the first place.

So, I'm talking to my sister yesterday about the weekend, and I ask if there's anything she wants me to bring from St. Louis. You know, Andria's steak sauce, Ted Drewe's frozen custard, specialty groceries from Viviano's ... that sort of thing.

Sherri: No, I think I'm good.
Me: Are you sure?
Sherri: Well, if you get by a gas station, I would like some Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets.
Me: Some what?
Sherri: Old. Vienna. Red. Hot. Riplets. You know, potato chips.
Me: Wait. I thought you had crippling heart burn?
Sherri: Whatever. I'll have heartburn no matter what I eat. Just bring them.


  1. I'm with Sherri. Toast gives me heartburn, but that doesn't stop be from eating the hell out of Fire Rice from Sen and Buffalo Chicken sandwiches from Hooter's.

  2. Seriously - lettuce of all things gives me heartburn/reflux. If you are going to question my requests then don't ask what I want. If I knew it wouldn't get soggy I would ask you to bring me an Amaghettis sandwich too. Gosh STL has some good food...

  3. What we wouldn't do for delicious food...


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