Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a slippery slope

I know I don't really need any new clothes. I know this. And Mary Clare, she of the 25 summer dresses, most certainly does not need new clothes. Even Chip is stocked up on his business shirts. And Buddy has eight dog collars. Eight. So, really, it makes perfect sense that I've reined in my online shopping habit over the past few months.


I really miss coming home to packages on the front porch. Even though I knew what was in the packages. Even though I (okay, we) paid for the items in the packages. Even though I most certainly didn't need the stuff.

But still. The packages were fun. So shiny and new.

And really, today is one of those days when I would have most loved to come home to a new pair of shoes. Shoes for any of us, really. Flip flops, even. Flip flops would have been great.

But that's dangerous talk. Crazy talk. So I'll just picture my mom shaking her head at me as she says, "It's a good deal, but only if you need it. And there's a big difference between want and need."

But still. New things are so nice. Especially when work is yucky.


  1. Eight dog collars!!! Rocky wishes he had just 2. He's black and so is his collar. He would like a red one maybe.

  2. Ah, new things...gotta love em. :)

  3. aww I love your dog! and your blog for that matter :) you should come check out mine sometime:)

  4. Just passing through on next blog. I love how you write things. And I too often want to order stuff online not because I need it, or even want it that badly, but just because I want a package to come to my door so so much. Nothing fun comes in the mail these days (other than the occasional netflix), so packages are kind of necessary.


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