Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Resigned to his fate

Oh, Buddy. Poor, sweet Buddy. The love and bane of his sister's existence, all rolled up into one furry, patient package.

She loves him. She hates him. She kisses him. She slaps him. She climbs on him. She won't go near him. She shares Cheerios. She hoards Cheerios.
Come here, come here, come here. Get away, get away, get away!

The guy cannot catch a break.
And now that Mary Clare has added shrieking to her bag of tricks, it's a wonder Senor Buddy hasn't packed his pinata, thrown on his sombrero and hightailed it back across the border.

Buddy has every reason in the world to bite her. But he doesn't. But if he could talk, I'm certain he would toss off a curt "you're not the boss of me," swish his tail and tippy-tap his way out of the room.

I'm telling you, the men in this house? They're saints. Saints.


  1. awww...good picture of Buddy. He and Hunter are certainly patient with the little people.


  2. Poor Buddy. :)

    Gotta love his tolerance though.

  3. I think the phrase tippy tap may be one of my favorite you've written.
    Buddy is the best dog in the world!!!!


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