Friday, June 25, 2010

Brennan's bests

Brennan has quite a personality on him. He comes by this honestly. I mean, his mom, right? And then there's his dad, who is rather shameless when it comes to getting a laugh.

So while
I'm not surprised by Brennan's current quirks, I am nonetheless delighted by them. And so I'm pleased to bring you Brennan's bests, the summer edition:
  • When they're in the car, he tells Sherri "be careful mom" when she's driving. But he doesn't make a peep when Brian is driving.

  • Holly is "MY Holly", and he chastises Sherri and Brian when they pet "MY Holly."

  • After telling Sherri and Brian that "MY Holly is MY friend," she asked if Hunter was his friend as well. No response. So she asked again. Still no response. Poor Hunter.

  • Brennan is constantly on the lookout for tractors, cows, horses and trains while they're in the car. Once he finds them, he tells Sherri, "Okay, let's find more, mom."

  • The other night B threw a raging five-minute fit before bedtime. Not one of his best moments, but clearly, these things happen. What made the situation funny -- in hindsight and because I'm not his mom -- was that he requested a "boo-boo aid" for his head. So Sherri complied, despite the fact that there is no boo-boo behind that Band-Aid. However, Sherri surmised that after the show he put on, there was a strong chance he did have one heck of a headache.

  • Brennan is totally tuned into babies -- anyone younger than him being a baby -- and points them out to Sherri with great excitement. I think this is a good thing.

  • When asked, he consistently responds that he is going to have a baby sister. My mom thinks this is a great thing.

That B. You can't help but love him.

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  1. Its cool to see personalities like that, especially so young. :)


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