Monday, May 24, 2010

We're getting there

So, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but Mary Clare never says mama. Or mom. Or mommy. Or ma. In fact, she hardly says anything with an M sound to it because whoa, whoa, whoa ... we don't want the lady to think we like her or anything.

What does she say, you ask? Dada. Oh, she's got dada down pat. There is nothing we love more than to sing da's praises and trot down the hall shouting dadadadada the whole way. Hell, she even says please (peesh), thank you (shankshu), love you (uffyou) and as of today, Holly. As in my sister's dog. Who she spent one day with at my parent's house. That's right. One day.

Upon seeing my face fall when Mary Clare said "olly" in my presence, my parents hit it hard with her, and by the time I walked back into the house after packing up the car, Mary Clare did, in fact, finally say mama. And she looked at me while she said it.

I smiled. She smiled. Angels sang. And then she pocketed the $20 my dad gave her.

And that was the last mama I heard.


  1. Love it. I got kicked out of the bathroom last night because apparently I wasn't giving baths "like daddy does". AL even said, "Momma, I'm standing up now so you're supposed to tell me to sit down".

    For the love.

  2. Hehe, now you know how to get her to do what you want, at least. ;)

  3. Karma for all the negative posts about Hunter and Holly, oh and didn't you do something like this to mom when you started talking?

  4. LOL I love the $20 bucks slide.


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