Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We are back from Mexico. We've been back since Thursday, actually, but as with anything these days, it's been full-on nutso since we returned. But the trip. The trip was awesome.

The Grand Velas Resort Riviera Maya is indeed just as spectacular as my colleagues said it would be.

Our room was ridiculous. Just ridiculous. As soon as our floor's butler concierge left us, Chip and I started giggling like little school kids. I think I may have even skipped around the room and possibly danced a jig.

We did absolutely nothing but lounge by the pool. No, seriously. Unless we were eating or sleeping, we were on one of those exact chaises you see right there from morning until night. And always with a cocktail in hand.

I did manage to take a few pictures of my own, which I will get uploaded sooner or later so you can revel in our sunburned bliss.

Adios, until I post again, amigo.


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