Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The dog filled my drawers

So, I've been publicly accused (okay, in the TB comments) by my sister of giving their dogs Hunter and Holly a bad name. Well, as much as we all love them both, even Sherri must admit that their reputation precedes them -- especially when it comes to Hunter.

As a puppy Hunter would demolish pillows in seconds, he's locked Brian out of the house several times, he ate through drywall, and he once consumed two dozen macadamia chocolate chip cookies. (I mean, what dog does that? Oh, right.) Most recently Hunter got his collar stuck on a dishwasher rack while feverishly licking a dirty dish, and in his attempt to get away, he took an entire rack of dishes with him. Upon hearing the racket made by the dishes and by Brian scolding Hunter, Brennan looked at Sherri and said, "Hunter bad. Hunter in time out."

His counterpart Holly, while sweeter in demeanor, certainly has no problems aiding and abetting her canine brother when the mood strikes. Sherri once came home from work to see that they had chewed down an entire tree and were proudly dragging it around the yard. The tree's partner suffered a similar fate the following day.

So you see, I have my reasons for making cracks about the dogs. And apparently this is not limited to me or our extended family. No, even Hunter's immediate family has turned on him. Case in point, the pre-bath conversation Sherri had with Brennan tonight.

S: Brennan, did you go poo poo in your pants?
B: No. Hunter did.

The upside of having this reputation is that Hunter has finally found his niche: scapegoat.

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  1. Yikes. I've only ever had one dog remotely close to that, and he ran up behind my grandmother and ran down the stairs with her on his back. (He was pretty big.) She was not as amused as the rest of us.


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