Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reason #253 why my sister is funny without meaning to be

Before I launch into Reason #253 of why my sister is funny without meaning to be, I'll give you some background. Brian and Sherri have been casually house hunting for a month or so. Last night they found a place worth considering, so Sherri sent my mom and I some photos that the owner had posted. The house and setting are great, and most of the photos had lovely captions that included words like park like, peaceful, calm and serene. Of course I had to say something.

Rabble rousing Me: I bet you can't wait to revel in the serene, natural beauty as your two crazy Labs tear through the park like setting.

Indignant Sherri: They're not always crazy, you know.

Contrite Me: I know, I know. (pause) I see there's a fenced portion. That's nice.

Lab Lover Sherri: Yeah, we'll have to put up a new one, though. The dogs would totally tear it down.

You have to love the irony. And the blind devotion of a mother who loves her two large dogs. Hunter and Holly don't know how lucky they are.


  1. To clarify I did not say they would tear it down, I just said it did not appear to be "sturdy" enough.


  2. That's hilarious + you're hilarious! xx


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