Friday, April 30, 2010

No need to read it, just sign here

Well, it's official. Brian and Sherri are moving.

Brian signed the paperwork for their new house last night. Since Sherri couldn't go then, she signed everything this morning. After signing in 20+ places, Brian snapped the document closed and said, "Okay, great. The divorce is final. And you and Hunter get nothing."

Only my brother-in-law could make a joke about sending his pregnant wife penniless and out into the cold with the more obnoxious of their two obnoxious Labs.

But I do think it's funny. But only because Chip didn't think to say the same thing to me last summer when we signed the paperwork for our mortgage refinance.


  1. I feel that TB is giving Hunter & Holly a bad reputation. They are really sweet, patient with children, and loving dogs. They just have moments of poor decision making occasionally.

  2. Sherri ... er, I mean, Anonymous, you're right. I am hard on the Hunter and Holly. I mean, there aren't many dogs out there that can unload a dishwasher a rack at a time.


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