Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear JJ

Dear Jimmy Johns,

I am ever so glad I got over that whole food poisoning mishap from five years ago and can now embrace your fresh bread and freakishly fast service. I am delighted by the fact that you label one of your chip varieties as Thinny Chips, as the name alone makes me pair my nitrate-packed, preservative-filled, iceberg-laden sandwich with their salty goodness without batting an eye. (Or looking at the nutrition label.) The fact that you pack a whole lot of these Thinny Chips into each thinny little bag is awesome as well.

I do, however, have a request. Please add a drive-through to the Fenton location. I already bought the Thinny Chips and took a pass on the slice of cheese, so really, I find it rather unnecessary to expend extra calories by getting in and out of the car. I'm sure you understand.

Until you poison me again,


  1. That's Taco Bell and I right there. Only they have a drive in already. :)

  2. The location near me on Dorsett has a drive through. It's pretty great. Maybe I'll send you a picture.

  3. I got food poisoning from Quizno's in 2004 when I was pregnant and I have never gone back.


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