Thursday, April 15, 2010


This photo is my peace offering for last night's Debbie Downer of a post. You must accept it. No one can say no to Little Miss Sunshine.

Speaking of Mary Clare, and, more specifically, her attire. I feel I must give snaps to the people responsible for her natty Easter attire and accessories. My mom, of course, made the dress. As well as a matching dress for her Bitty Baby. Because that's what she does. She's super mom. She also cranked out the basket liner, which includes Mary Clare's name on the front. (I heart her snazzy new sewing machine.) And the bow is of course from Amanda Hehmeyer. Being the good mom that I am, I went ahead and took care of the tights and shoes.

Wow. Tights and shoes. Since that's a rather poor showing, I'm going to give myself snaps for giving Mary Clare that sweet face. But that brown hair and those baby curls are definitely from her dad.


  1. She's so adorable! Amazing that your mother made that dress-I envy anyone who can sew.

  2. That picture is absolutely adorable. Blow it up, frame it and put it on the wall!!

  3. Thanks for the props. I'm so glad you let her wear the bow with the yellow accent. You have some balls, Deb, you really do. Next thing you know she'll be wearing somthing store bought. Gasp! She looked fab.


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