Thursday, March 4, 2010

Totally a toddler

Although the wise folks at told me that turning one made Mary Clare a toddler, I was like no way, not my baby. My sweet little baby still goes to the infant room at school with all the other sweet little babies.

Well, no more.

Not only does she have an increasing amount of not-so-sweet moments, but she is now a proud member of the Sunshine Kids toddler room at school. Her actual transition was last week, but as her teachers told me, there really was no transition. She just motored in, didn't cry and slipped right into the toddler routine, which, entertainingly enough, involves lining up at the sink for hand washing before every meal. It is ridiculously cute. (And hygienic!)

A large part of this smooth transition has to do with her infant teachers, who realized that if left to her own devices, Mary Clare would jam her binkie into every crying baby's mouth, and gosh darned it, babies in the baby swing will swing with authority! So, in order to keep her entertained and the little babies safe, Mary Clare spent a lot of the last two months visiting in the toddler room. While she was also kicked out of the toddler room (sometimes in record time) for standing on the tables or pitching balls out of the ball pit, I still think it helped with the transition.

Oh, and about her not-so-sweet moments? She's becoming a tad aggressive. This week alone she knocked my glasses off my face, pulled my hair, pulled Buddy's hair and took a swing at Buddy when he wouldn't move out of her way. So now I'm taking a cue from my friend Sue and walking around saying things like, "Nice touches only!" and "We use our hands for clapping! We use our hands for waving!" I sound ridiculous. But hey, whatever it takes to keep Buddy and I safe, right?

For more photos of Miss Sassy Pants, click here, and be sure to check out the last few from her trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens with Grandpa and Grandma Thole, which, surprisingly enough, featured more puddles and fewer flowers than one might think.


  1. Wow, that totally sounds like Sue. You...let's just say I can't wait to hear you try that.

  2. I remember how sad I was to realize my girls had turned into toddlers. It happens in the blink of an eye!

    Kara is in her aggressive stage right now, however she has taken to biting. She bit Natalie so hard on the arm that it left the perfect little mouth shaped bruise on her arm. I felt so bad.

    Toddlerhood is definitely the most dangerous times for us mommies. My advice is to invest in a helmet, knee and elbow pads and wear lots of thick layers. That should have you covered.

  3. Sounds like she's becoming a big girl! Just wait until she hits the "terrible twos"....

    But it is good for her to be around other kids.

  4. Wait till she bites your friends' children --- sorry Amanda, sorry Charlotte:)


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