Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have no egg-scuse for my absence

I'm back, and yep, you're getting a bad pun and no good excuse as to why I didn't post last week. Unless organizing counts. Because if using four vacation days to organize the hell out of your basement and piles of baby stuff counts as a good excuse for neglecting the old blog, then I am so in the clear.

While I would love nothing more than to show you photos of my organizational accomplishments, I've learned over the years that not everyone gets giddy at the sight of a color-coded closet or a basement lined with neatly labeled Rubbermaid bins. So I guess I'll go the cute kid route and show you photos of Mary Clare's first foray into the world of Easter egg hunting.

Click here to soak up the springtime beauty of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and the chubby cheekness of Mary Clare.


  1. She's so beautiful. I remember when I used to go easter egg hunting-it was a ton of fun. I hope this year turns out the best yet for you all!

  2. Really cute. I mean EXCEPTIONALLY cute photos. The hoarding photo (MC clutching two eggs) and the one with Grandpa T. (both chuckling down the lane) are priceless.


  3. are you for hire? Because my basement needs MAJOR help (the garage too!)
    And you don't even have to color-coordinate!


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