Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello, old friend

When we drove to Kansas City a few weeks ago to visit the Jones family, we made a pit stop in good old Columbia so Mary Clare and Buddy could stretch their legs. It was a nice day to be on campus. The sun was out, the temps were reasonable, the campus looked glorious and there was 25% off all Mizzou gear at the book store. Score!

It wasn't Mary Clare's first visit to Mizzou, but it was my first time on campus with a stroller. And a diaper bag. And a big ass camera around my neck. (Which I still managed to drop.) We didn't make it to the columns, but I did get a few good photos.

Ah, how I love thee, Mizzou. It's always good to see you again, no matter how brief the visit.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Your little girl looks adorable, by the way.

  2. Great pics. Glad to see I was there in spirit with that outfit. I ordered my flash yesterday. :)

  3. This a great picture! You should send it into Mizzou for publication.



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