Thursday, February 11, 2010

Womp womp womp

At the risk of driving you away with my Debbie Downer-like attitude, I'm going to put it out there that this was another doozy of a week.
  • The job. Well, the job itself is good, but I hate doing large client shipments because if FedEx can't find a street address they call back and make you spell things, ask if it is a lane/road/drive/street/meadow, request multiple phone numbers and do everything short of demanding a physical description and social security number. Oh, and they consider Canada an international shipment. I get that Canada is another country and all, but I want to laugh every time they say, "Oh, it's international. Please hold while I transfer you to the international shipping group." Please. I'm shipping plastic leis to some hoser in Ottawa, not sending medical supplies to a Peace Corp worker in Uganda.
  • The sickness. It has hit Team Botanical. Chip and I are okay, but Mary Clare scored a double ear infection which effectively ended her 13 month healthy streak. I had to pick her up from school on Tuesday because her temperature was 100.3, and honestly, I thought it was just because she was teething. Needless to say, I was thoroughly befuddled when they told me she could come back on Thursday if she wasn't running a temp. I was like, "What? We can't come back on Wednesday? Even if she's fine?" Duh. At least the teachers were nice about it, even though one suggested that I record the first time Mary Clare was sent home from school in her baby book. Such jokesters. Anyway, Chip took her to our awesome doctor first thing Wednesday morning, picked up a prescription for some antibiotics and I'm happy to report Mary Clare is on the mend.
  • The money. Stupid, stupid me told Chip on Sunday that I really wanted to start saving more money. Why, I don't know. I'm sure I read something in Time, got all concerned and then promptly forgot it the second I saw something on sale. Because then three Gap packages appeared on our doorstep. And then I found these super cute Polo shirts for Mary Clare (on sale, natch) at Macy's. And then I requested to get away for a long weekend. And then I requested a real deal vacation. And then I became downright infuriated when Chip said we weren't going to Europe anytime soon. And that, my friends would be the straw that broke the Chippy's back and made my even-tempered husband say, "Remember when you said you wanted to save more money ... four days ago? Let's talk about that." So, word to the wise ... if you don't want your words to haunt you the next time the Gap is giving away their clothes, don't be a hero and suggest that you want to start saving more money.
  • The pee. That's right, I said pee. Mary Clare peed on me. On my birthday. I took her out of the tub, swaddled her in a towel and plunked her on my lap. And then my lap was warm. And wet. And I thought, "Wow, I guess I usually shake her off more after her bath?" And then I realized that Mary Clare gave me the birthday gift that thankfully, does not keep giving.
So, there we go. My week. Not really bad by any means, but dammit, I am not equipped to handle stuff like this two weeks in a row.

Curse you, seasonal affective disorder. Curse you.


  1. Your journal is great, I've given you a Beautiful Blog Award:

  2. I really hope things get better for you!!!!

    I am your newest follower since we both got awards! Lucky us--I hope you will come by and follow me back as well! Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

  3. This, too, shall pass, my friend!

    You are an award-winning blogger now?! Do tell.



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