Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We should definitely be a one shopper family

I called Chip this afternoon to check in, as we are like ships passing in the night on the evenings when he has class.

C: Your ears must be burning. Well, Mary Clare's ears. I'm picking up something for Mary Clare.
D: Um, really? Is Shelley* with you?
C: No, I'm by myself.

He wouldn't tell me what he was buying. I tried cajoling the information out of him, but he is a stubborn one. I made one last attempt before we hung up.

D: Well, at least tell me where you are.
C: Red. Bud. Illinois. [click]

Heaven help us. I just know it's going to be some sort of camouflaged swag. Or require ammunition.

*Shelley is Chip's business partner, and a bit of a shopper. A shopper with really good taste. Her three boys are always perfectly dressed and coiffed, yet she clearly loves shopping for little girls and has showered Mary Clare with all sorts of frivolously perfect gifts, including a micro pair of Ugg boots.

UPDATE - 8:30 PM
Mary Clare and I arrived home to find a dozen post-it notes sprinkled throughout the house, directing us to Chip's surprise purchase. I was intrigued by the trail of notes, and Mary Clare was thrilled with the paper because, hello, it's paper. We finally found a tiny little size four pair of these amid Chip's size 11 shoes:

The material is pearlescent and ridiculously cute. Say what you will about Crocs, but I love them on kids, and they will be perfect for the summer. The right size and everything.

Clearly, I underestimated my husband. And Red Bud.

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