Thursday, February 25, 2010

Praying for a puppy

Brennan called me up the other night and asked me to post something for him. Because I cannot say no to those big brown eyes, I was only too happy to oblige. Here goes:

Mom gave me this to me and said it's very important.

She's having a puppy!
(Well, she said baby, but I'm sure she meant puppy.)

Wait a minute. I don't see a tail.

Curses. I bet it is a baby after all.

Oh well, puppy or not, I'm going to be a great big brother.

While Brennan is still pretty certain that's a puppy on the ultrasound -- he's even called it Holly on occasion -- Sherri assures me that it is, in fact, a baby, which is scheduled to arrive sometime in late September. We are obviously thrilled, and Mary Clare can't wait to have a new little cousin.

Congratulations, Jones family!

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  1. Yaaa to Sheri and Bryan and Brennan!! I'm so excited for everyone! Brennan will be a wonderful big brother. Poor MC won't be the baby anymore!
    Love the puppy comparison!


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