Monday, February 22, 2010

I parent with reckless abandon

That's right. I let Mary Clare stand unattended on our window sill as she watched Chip and Buddy play outside. It's not like I left her there while I switched out the laundry. Just long enough to get a full-body shot. Which is still too long for some people.

You see how Chip is waving? That's not a friendly wave. In fact, I'm pretty sure he's signaling to our neighbor to call DCFS on me.

Whatever. She had a nice wide stance established.


  1. Ha! I parent like you. Before I take my kids off a precarious ledge or situation I always grab my camera and get a shot first LOL :D

  2. And this is why I wish I lived next door to you. My kinda parenting! Seriously, loves it.

  3. That is honestly the cutest picture ever. Love, love it.

    Re: your parenting skills - if this is the worst thing you've done, you're a saint.



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