Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An expensive lunch

So, this week. Icky. And it's only Wednesday.

Monday was Monday. Nothing notable, just you know, Monday. Tuesday I was short about 1,300 dimensional items for a promotional mailing because hi, I have a journalism degree and cannot do basic math. Even with a calculator. So I spent the better part of Tuesday calling carnival supply stores and ferrying cheap plastic leis around the greater St. Louis region. And that brings us to today, when I received a speeding ticket that turned my $8 Russell's roast beef sandwich into a three-figure lunch.

The bright side of today's little episode was Chip, who, rather than complaining about having to shell out $100 or whatever for this ticket, just listened as I ranted about the red headed elf who pulled me over. That was it. No groaning about an unplanned expense that could have been avoided, no questions about the fact that I honestly have no idea how long the little guy was following me. The only thing he asked was that I tell him again about how I caught the officer paging through a manual of some sort as he wrote out my ticket.

That Chip. Thank heavens he loves me and all my little wonders.

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  1. Sometimes people tend to overstate a bad week but in this case you have every right to gripe. At least you have Sunday to look forward to!


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