Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby in a box

Growing up, Sherri and I loved to play in cardboard boxes. Loved it! My dad would bring home large refrigerator boxes, and I'm telling you, it was better than if he had come home with an armful of Matchbox cars or Legos. We seriously dug on cardboard boxes. We would cut out windows with shutters, color all over it, pile it full of blankets, slide into it and roll it around the yard gerbil wheel-style once it had given us all it could. One time my dad even came home from work to find an extension cord running from the garage to the backyard. That's right, we were watching cartoons from the comfort of our cardboard box.

So, of course, I decided it's time to start showing Mary Clare all that cardboard boxes have to offer. For now, an Amazon box works quite well. Which is good, because I have no idea from where we will procure a refrigerator box once she outgrows the packages that hold my online purchases.

Well. We've certainly never done this before.

Seriously, you do some crazy stuff when Dad's not home.

I can see there's no reasoning with you. I must plot my escape.

Like Gretel, I shall eat my way out of my prison.

I can't wait that long. Freedom is just a tumble away.

As you can see,
she didn't dig on the cardboard box quite as I had hoped. That's okay. Love affairs such as these take time. I'll be patient.

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