Tuesday, January 19, 2010

She digs on swine

With tenderloins left from the birthday party and me on a tear to empty the big freezer before returning to the frozen food palace that is Sam's, I guess we've had a lot of pork on the menu of late. It's fine. I have a lot of good tenderloin and chop recipes, and everyone in the house likes it. Actually, "like" might be a little mild in Mary Clare's case. I don't know what it is, but there's nothing like a good pork dish to bring out the wild swine in Mary Clare.

Every time we have pork, Chi
p, Buddy and I all wait with baited breath as Mary Clare inhales her dinner. Chip and I stare at her and pray, "Please, let this be the one night we don't have to give her a post-dinner bath." Buddy just wants her to share the love. He's patient at first, and then he gets miffed and starts the harrumphing. As he tip taps his paws in an attempt to get her attention, I just know he's thinking, "That's it. Either I get some pork tossed my way or I'm not going to be so understanding the next time she jams her finger up my nostril." Alas, we are all left disappointed. Buddy is denied any meaty bits, and Mary Clare demonstrates her approval by rubbing her porky little hands all over her face and through her hair. As you can see, it's pretty awesome.

Ah, my porky little princess. How we love thee. And by we, I mean your parents. Buddy's not one to forgive and forget.

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