Thursday, January 21, 2010

The cheeks have it

Oddly enough, our pediatrician wasn't so keen on seeing Mary Clare for her one-year appointment on or within a week of her birthday, so we took her today.

Dr. O'Neil gave her a good report, and said her weight of 20 lbs. and height of 30 inches puts her in the 50th and 90th percentiles, respectively. So yes, there's a reason her sleeves are a little shorter and her cheeks are a little fuller these days. In return for her good, albeit squirmy, behavior, Mary Clare received a finger prick and four shots. Poor girl. We used to get the silent scream with the shots. No more. As the nurses and patients in the waiting room will attest, there was nothing silent about today's screams. She perked up quickly, though, and a mere 20 minutes after the ordeal she was strapped into her high chair at school and tucking into a dish of chicken noodle soup. She tossed a dismissive wave my way as I headed to the door.

It would appear Buddy has taught Mary Clare how to hold a grudge.

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  1. Did I give her that outfit or do we just have the same taste? I bought that for Charlotte last year.


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