Thursday, January 7, 2010

A birthday nibble

The birthday - or birthdays, I should say - happened. And how. I'll post a few photos now to prove that I'm among the blogging and that doing Christmas plus two full-blown birthday parties didn't land me in the insane asylum.

More photos to come once the Christmas decs are down, I've readjusted to work life and Mary Clare stops walking around and getting into everything under the sun. (The dog's water bowl? Seriously, child, we'll give you a sippy cup. Just please stop dipping your hands in the bowl and sucking the water off of your fingers.) I'll also try to get Christmas photos in order as well. I feel I must warn you, though, I did a pretty poor job of getting pictures of Mary Clare in the beautiful Christmas and birthday dresses my mom made for her. So photo shoots will happen. After the aforementioned dog bowl diving stops, of course.

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  1. Love the teaser...can't wait to see the rest. Mary Clare is so cute and was such a doll for her (third?) birthday party. :)


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