Thursday, January 28, 2010

And now, I offer you the birthday pictures

I think I've delayed posting Mary Clare's birthday photos because, well, I'm just not happy with them. Don't get me wrong, my girl is a cutie patootie and there are some darling pictures. I just didn't get that one great shot that makes me want to blow it up to 16x20 and stare at it all day.

I blame this perfect birthday photo obsession on my friend Anne, who has this insanely adorable shot of her daughter Clare on her first birthday. Clare is sitting on a white blanket surrounded by vibrant green grass. She's wearing a pale pink handmade frock topped with a fluffy pink birthday hat from which her golden curls emerge. She is looking at the camera, her cheeks cherubic and expression so angelic it makes you want to die. Seriously, the picture is ridiculous, and I'm sure Anne casually snapped it not knowing that it would be a good picture, much less one that would make me obsess about it years before I even had my own daughter.

So, anyway, while I was all proud of myself for not being glued to the camera (I made my friends do that) and actually enjoying the moment and the people around us, I am now kicking myself for not taking more pictures. Ah, just another fun day on the parental guilt train.

What I did take -- or, I should say, what Cori and Lauren took -- can be viewed here. If you don't want to go through the whole set, at least check out the last two pictures. They're not of Mary Clare (gasp!) but they are priceless.


  1. Love, love the pictures. You are too hard on yourself. You obviously had an idea of the *perfect* birthday shot in your heard. Many that your buddies captured are pretty priceless.


  2. Also enjoy that Mary Clare looks like she's strapped in for a shuttle launch (while in her high chair.)


  3. Happy Belated bday to Mary Clare!

    You know, I can never seem to get good shots of my kids either. I blame it on my sucky camera, but who are we kidding I probably wouldn't get any good ones with a $1278846126541436 camera either.

    Love the giant cupcake cake! A must for any first birthday!

    PS: You won the book giveaway! Holla! Email me your address and I'll get in in the mail.


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