Monday, December 14, 2009

No to the nose

Before we had Mary Clare, I remember looking at little kids with runny or crusty little noses and thinking, "Ugh, gross. I would never let my child look like that in public."

And now, after engaging in countless nose wiping battles with Mary Clare, my standards most definitely changed. Runny noses are always wiped, and she must go to school with a clean nose, but I've learned to tolerate the little crusties when we're out where no one knows us. And when we're home, all bets are off. Basically, as long as she can breathe, I don't care what's going on beneath that nose. It's just not worth it. I take quick swipes as needed and then spend the rest of the time gearing up for the bedtime battle, the result of which is a peeved baby with a clean nose and an exhausted mother with ringing ears.

Oh, and she may be small, but that girl is strong. Like mad badger strong. And she fights dirty.

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  1. Hahaha! Sounds like my little one Kara. HATES getting her nose wiped or her face and hands wiped after eating. And she is super mad badger strong too. What is up with the feisty kids these days? Kara also loves to throw things and hit her sister on the head with toys. I call her "Kara the terror". But only in the nicest way possible.


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