Monday, November 30, 2009

Second birthday soiree

Brennan turned two -- two! -- on November 15, but Sherri postponed the big family birthday bash until this past weekend when everyone would be home for the Thanksgiving holiday. The Jones family was kind enough to host everyone in Springfield, and Brennan was kind enough to put on quite a show. He really got into opening the presents this year, but it really burned his little butt that we wouldn't let him play with the gifts once they were opened. At one point he just walked out of the room. What's the point of unwrapping gifts if they're just going to take them away, right? B finally got through all of the presents, and then followed that up by passionately blowing out the No. 2 candle on his cake. Three times. He would blow it out, gleefully smile at all of us and matter-of-factly state, "Again." It wasn't really so much a request as a demand. But none of us could deny his impish grin, least of all Grandma Pat, who was in charge of the matches.

And really, how can you deny a little guy who spent a good chunk of the day profusely thanking us and shouting "love you!" I will be certain to demand he make the same declarations of thanks and love when he turns 13. Because that's just the kind of aunt I am.

Click here for the full birthday set.

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