Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eleven months

Stunned. Stunned is the best way to describe how I felt last night when I asked Chip, "Is tomorrow the 25th?" and he confirmed that yes, in fact, our girl would be 11 months old in a few short hours.

It should come as no surprise, really. While she can still squeeze her skinny heinie into some three-six month outfits, she's growing like a weed (upwards, at least), and she seems to master a new skill every day. This past Sunday she took three steps for Chip and I. She won't do it again, of course, but my word ... it was amazing. Of course, with each new delight comes increased defiance. When we say, "Mary Clare, don't bang on the mirror," she pauses, smirks and then goes about pounding the hell out of the mirror. Same goes for Buddy's water bowl, the one kitchen cabinet we don't keep locked and the area under the desk with all of the routers, modems and cables that are simply too tempting for words. She also shakes her head "no," which is hilarious, because half of the time she inevitably wants what you are offering her. Hair bows rarely stay in anymore, and once she's extricated it from her hair, she spends a good amount of time patting her head to make sure we didn't sneak one in when she was distracted.

Charming, coy and a clapping machine, she is a constant delight. Walking, however, will certainly be the death of me. And Buddy. Oh, poor Buddy. He is in for a world of hurt.

Click here for a few -- and yes, I mean a few -- photos from this past month.

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