Monday, November 2, 2009

A real treat

Our girl survived her first Halloween, and I daresay she even had a little bit of fun during the two week process. The festivities started off with Boo at the Zoo on October 24, which was chilly but a good time. The next big event was her school party on October 30. It was so funny to see all the infants and toddlers in their costumes and Halloween gear. Of course Mary Clare ruled the costume contest. When Grandma Thole makes a Halloween costume, she sews to win. She even sewed a tag into the seam that says "Mary Clare Bear." In the same font as the Care Bears logo, no less. I'm telling you, when it comes to the Singer, the woman knows how to bring it.

Saturday afternoon we hustled Mary Clare into her costume and did a quick visit with Gramps and Gram Lindh, and then headed over to the Hehmeyers for a little trick-or-treating fete at their house. So fun. Mary Clare was a real trooper and sat bundled up on our laps outside watching everyone come and go. The next day Grandpa and Grandma Thole came over, and back in the costume she went. By this time she was seriously starting to hate the hood and ears, and who can blame her? That was probably round eight in the costume.

All in all, she was a terrific sport for letting us play dress up with her over and over again. Click here for more photos of our good little Mary Clare Bear.

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